Exploring and travelling leads to some of the finest stories ever told.

Here are mine

About Me.

I am Bhavesh Jain. An 18-year-old pursuing a degree in engineering as well as my passion for photography and storytelling. Having stayed in various parts of India, I was always intrigued by the distinct cultures that engulf us.

And this is exactly what this site is a showcase of – my experiences.

The Philosophy.

The philosophy that guides me is Fusion.

A fusion of contrasting yet complementing features. The way I portray my experiences relies mainly on the blend of modernity and tradition. It’s like looking at the same old place with a brand new angle. The focus that I have is primarily to provide a point of view that is both fresh and familiar – familiar enough for the viewer to connect and new enough to hold your attention

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Latest Posts

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    A photo gallery of Manali.
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